Wednesday, March 24, 2010

"French architect Jean Nouvel recently unveiled a shining new LEED Certified skyscraper on 11th avenue in New York City. The building features a stunning facade composed of 1,700 different panes of glass and is described by the Pritzker Prize-winning architect as a “vision machine”. With apartments reaching from $1.6 million to $22 million, one wonders if New York really needs another green luxury building when there’s so much need for affordable housing. But nonetheless, 100 Eleventh Avenue is a stunning portrayal of what modern design can accomplish in a city like the Big Apple...
100 Eleventh Avenue is located near two New York City design icons: the High Line and Frank Gehry’s IAC Headquarters. The facade of the building is made from, “1,700 different-sized panes of colorless glass each set at a unique angle and torque.” The glass facade creates a west facing mirage of green and blue as the panes reflect the sky and sunlight. The north-facing side of the building is made from black brick with strategically placed windows that perfectly reflect different views from inside, like the empire state building. The entrance — when completely finished — will come complete with a suspended garden with vegetation sprouting mid-air..."
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