Monday, March 22, 2010

PEG wins ENYA Prize

"PEG office of landscape + architecture has won first place in the 2010 Emerging New York Architects (ENYA) international ideas competition. PEG (Keith VanDerSys and Karen M’Closkey) teamed with PennDesign landscape architecture students Marisa Bernstein, Young Joon Choi and Marguerite Graham. The ENYA competition is sponsored each year by the New York Chapter of the AIA. This year’s competition theme was HB:BX Building Cultural Infrastructure. As part of the award, PEG will co-curate an exhibit of the work at Center for Architecture and it will open mid-November...

Intermittent display is a network of paths, pools, puddles and ponds located on the Manhattan side of Highbridge where the landscape is restructured to support various activities. The infra-blooms function as a water-cleansing system that collects and filters rainfall, and then channels it back to the aqueduct where it falls, days later, into the Harlem River. This rain delay - a temporal gap from storm-event to bridge-event – reinstates the presence of the river and establishes a previously absent connection between the river and the aqueduct. By reversing the flow, the aqueduct is transformed from a distribution pipe that transports water from distant sources to a collecting reservoir that returns clean water back to the river, thereby inverting the historical trend of isolated infrastructures that promote the contamination and disregard of local waterways. The intermittent curtain of water falling from the bridge can be engaged by visitors and artists in a variety of ways..."
images & passage from Bustler



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