Tuesday, November 16, 2010

"German practice HENN ARCHITEKTEN has won the first prize in the international competition to design the new Central Business District in Wenzhou, China. The proposal was designed by HENN ARCHITEKTEN’s Berlin-based design & research studio HENN StudioB.

Wenzhou lies within a mountainous region of Zhejiang Province where the Ou Jiang River meets the East China Sea. The traditional trading town opened to foreign trade in 1876 and as an international port is one of today’s key production locations for the consumer goods industry in China. The centrepiece of the future Central Business District comprises offices, a five-star hotel, commercial space and a public park.

The Wenzhou coastline is interspersed with an intricate network of small and large rivers. The proposed design picks up on the river delta image and transposes it onto an organic park landscape which opens towards the sea. The green corridor leading out of the city continues across the site, where it branches out and forms an undulating connection between the city and the riverfront. On ground level, this architectural landscape merges with the flowing form of the buildings and simultaneously traces the movement of their users..." to find out more...
images & passage from Bustler



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