Saturday, November 20, 2010

"Starting from the 'geographical' visual of Taiwan - which is an island resembling a leaf - we have developed the concept of the technological tree: we have designed 8 spatial leaves (with eight being a propitious number in the local culture) in the form of zeppelin-like elevators which glide up and down the 'tree trunk" and which serve the purpose of observation decks / belvedere. I have called these elevators floating observatories because each has a nacelle which can take 50 to 80 people; they are self-sustained by helium balloons and are built from lightweight materials (borrowed from the spacecraft industry) and are wrapped in a last-generation type of membrane (PTFE) and they glide vertically on a track positioned vertically in a strong electro-magnetic field" - Dorin STEFAN, Principal, DSBA.." to find out more...
images & passage from Bustler



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