Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Saxo Bank / 3XN

"Saxo Bank’s new headquarter in Copenhagen is designed by 3XN. Although the customers primarily encounter the bank in cyberspace, the physical premises of the head office is of great importance to the management of the bank who participate actively and are highly dedicated to the development of the building. The building is of great iconographic significance, and there is a strong conviction that architecture and design affect each staff member’s performance and awareness of the company...
The architecture takes Saxo Bank’s cutting edge profile as its point of departure. Main lines of the structure explore the balance between dynamic expression and trustworthy solidity, executed with an eye to the framework constituted by planning constraints and intentions. Conceived as two logs facing their gable ends to the canal, joined together by a retracted glass façade, the Saxo Bank building combines curves and sharp angles in a new interpretation of modern seaside architecture. Colours of the sea and the sky in the green glass and white façade elements interchange in the cut-up structure with a lot of X-shapes reminiscent of the letter X in the name of the Bank. Facades are carried out as double curved glass walls..." to find out more...
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