Saturday, August 8, 2009

"Given the adjacency to the future urban park and the North-South orientation of the site, our proposal was to compact the volume within the given height so that every unit will have double orientation East-West. In order to achieve this, the units become a sort of 13,40m long “tubes” that connect both façades and avoid any type of structure in the partitions between apartments. This concentration on the Western side of the plot allows us the possibility of providing a private garden for the units on the eastern side, to be located above the parking belonging to the units.
The residential units are therefore opened to two different gardens on each orientation, and are fully glazed in the façades. Each side of the building is provided with a 1.5m wide terrace along the full façade that will make possible a semi-exterior type of use during certain seasons. These terraces are enclosed with bamboo louvers mounted on folding frames that will provide with the necessary protection from the strong East-West sun exposure, provide security to the units and open entirely to the side gardens when desired..." to find out more...
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