Tuesday, June 16, 2009

"The project, by Arquitetos Associados, is a 60sqm temporary art gallery built for an exhibition in Brasília that took place between august and october of 2008. The gallery´s exhibition displayed paintings and portraits of contemporary and modern brazilian painters such as Zive Giudice and Candido Portinari."
"The basic idea was to create an exhibition space that was half opaque and half translucent for exhibiting the paintings and a roofless garden by its side, all wrapped by a skin made of precast concrete blocks of different patterns placed in a random combination. The resulting overall pattern makes reference to the embroidered pieces made by artisans from the northeastern part of Brazil, known as “Rendado”. Precast concrete blocks were also largely used in the early modernist buildings of Brasília during the 60´s, for allowing natural ventilation and light into the building. It is also a very low-cost material in Brazil."
passage from archdaily


Nadine @ BDG said...

Those blocks are amazing-- like concrete lace.

swl said...

yah...i am trying to get some inspiration fr that to do my current project of boutique hotel at Oman :)


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