Monday, March 9, 2009

Toronto-based architecture and landscape design firm gh3 have been awarded with the first prize in the international design competition for Torontos June Callwood Park.
"A Voice in the Forest. The starting point of our design takes a voice sampling of June's own words—“I believe in kindness”—physically mapped onto the site, its undulations creating the abstract geometric pattern of openings and clearings within the dense groves of the Super-Real Forest. June spoke of kindness as “the god in our machinery,” believing in kindness rather than organized religion or God; these words are taken from her last interview expressing that core idea. The edge of this voice wave pattern creates a sinewy path that runs north to south through five clearings in the forest, connecting Lakeshore to Fort York, its black granite planks touching the edges at several points to provide east-west community access into the park..." to find out more...
Images & passage from bustler



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