Wednesday, March 11, 2009

BIG Mountains

"One million square meters. That is the program BIG has added in a masterplan to a small island in the Caspian Sea called Zira. Being located right for the coast of Baku, the capital city of Azerbaijan, the island is expected to attract massive crowds. To accommodate the million BIG resided to a metaphor that is all about mass: the mountain.
For the island BIG proposes a set of seven different buildings, whose form is derived from seven peaks of Azerbaijan. Each measuring about 130.000 square meters, the buildings are huge. Monstrous almost. Everything is set in place to only reach one goal: to build a carbon neutral neighborhood. In an emerging oil-country..."

Although very admired BIG works that express their bold ideas and strong architecture statements, this "BIG Mountains" seems to be a bit controversial. No doubt that the "BIG" way to create iconic style with geometrical impacts and the "zero" sustainability idea are great, however, do the mega scale and dense comminity really reflect the sustainable environment? what do you think? to find out more...
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