Thursday, August 29, 2013

"Since its completion, the new Law Center received awards from the US Green Building Council Maryland and the Building Congress & Exchange of Metropolitan Baltimore. Additionally, it was shortlisted for the international World Architecture Festival and recognized by the high-profile Energy Performance + Architecture Award from France this year. The building will also be presented at the upcoming SCUP 48th Annual International Conference.
Aside from its eye-catching exterior, the 192,000 sq.ft. (17,837 m²) structure at the urban center of Baltimore is full of revolutionary features—like its sustainable technology and its numerous state-of-the-art educational facilities—as described in the official press release below.
The building form consists of three interlocking L-shaped volumes which articulate the functions of the building program – classrooms and offices, the legal clinic, and the law library – and define a narrow atrium, a "green stalk" rising up through the heart of the building and connecting the three volumes. In addition to its function as the connective tissue between program spaces, the atrium also captures the lobby, two coffee bars (forum level and Level 6) and informal work and meeting spaces..." to find out more...
Images & passage via Bustler



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