Saturday, March 2, 2013

"In 2009, Adobe made a surprising acquisition of Utah-based Omniture as an initial step towards its vision of combining its content creation tools with Omniture’s industry leading web analytics, targeting, and digital marketing optimization technologies. In 2010, they hired  as master planner and architect and RAPT Studio as interior architect to develop a new 680,000-square-foot campus in Lehi City, Utah.

From the very start, Adobe sought to find a different kind of environment for this campus. They wanted their employees to experience their new workplace as a reflection of their most inspired selves, a source of motivation and connection, high energy and thoughtful repose. The campus had to be flexible, functional, sustainable, and fundamentally unique...
The master plan draws upon the site as a driver for workplace energy and Adobe’s creative spirit by offering a metaphor for the dramatic topology of the Utah Valley. The master plan for the site includes expanded office buildings and can be described as three flowing lines (three, roughly 200,000 square foot office buildings and an 80,000 square foot amenities building) and two spaces that are captured by the lines (a grand atrium and a campus green). Just as the sweep of the mountains shape the inhabited valley, the long sweep of the office floors – scaled to propel the natural metaphor and facilitate workplace interaction – define and embrace the two primary campus spaces... " To find out more...
Images & passage via Archdaily



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