Tuesday, October 18, 2011

"Perception has no time spam, there is no acknowledgment of temporality, the art experience is pure. The observing subject is conscious of being part of a present, palpable, located in a specific time and reality. -Parque Humano"

"Reading the architects' words, the meditative sense of being present is a fusion of architecture and nature, specifically via the framing of a specific view. The architects supply a malleable space (open or closed or somewhere in-between) that opens towards a vista which encompasses one's field of vision. At least this is one reading, but certain things complicate this, such as the reflective nature of the interior surfaces and the bend in the exterior walls and roof. The former could be such so that the awareness of oneself is heightened; perception of the horizon is accompanied by reflections off the floor, walls, and ceiling. A fire in the simple circular pit in the floor would also be cast upon these surfaces, potentially drawing the inhabitant into the flames by being surrounded by them. Whatever the intention, the green color of the interior surfaces nevertheless draws it closer to the surrounding landscape." to find more... Images & passage via Archidose



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