Tuesday, August 23, 2011

"This is the entry by Kubota & Bachmann Architects from Zurich, Switzerland.

The BOH is situated at the southern end of a new artificial island. The form of the proposed project is a direct result of the site conditions: on the one hand, the plan is a response to the island’s outline, and on the other hand, the form of the BOH recalls the silhouette of the mountains surrounding the city. The circular form is also designed to allude to the Taegeuk and the traditional ceramic base. The smooth shape is meant to be a contemporary interpretation of these elements of traditional Korean culture.
As a result, the BOH is designed to provide harmony and balance to the Busan North Port Development...
A particularly key and innovative feature of the proposed design for the BOH is its patio formed by a void in the center of the new Opera House. This void is at the center of the site, and is also at the heart of the project. As Anish Kapoor said, “Emptiness does lead to emptiness”. Everything is organized around this central void: a circular foyer makes a loop and connects the Opera, the Multipurpose Theater and the Multipurpose Hall..." to find out more...
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