Friday, June 24, 2011

New Amsterdam Pavilion

"Placed on New Amsterdam Plein and commissioned by the Battery Conservancy, the NY400 Dutch Pavilion is presented as a gift from the Dutch government to the people of New York. The Pavilion is intended to introduce an opportunity for visitors, residents, and everyday commuters to pause and learn more at this historically important location...

The geometry of the Pavilion expresses its programmatic intentions, with the centre of the installation designed for more permanent, enclosed functions. In contrast to the enclosed nature of the core, the formal figure of the structure becomes increasingly more fluid and dispersed away from this centre as it opens onto the immediate landscape of the surroundings. The attendant ‘flowering’ or opening of the four wings of the Pavilion responds to varying orientations on the site as well as variety within the main programme..." to find out more...
Images & passage via dezeen



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