Monday, October 11, 2010

"The unique architecture of the building, which houses the specific programme of uses for the Business Confederation, lies in its functionality, in making the most of the spaces and the light, since the cubes that compose it are oriented so as to capture sunlight at different times of the day. There are two central elements in this construction: the first of them is a central hub with a square floor plan that operates as an interior distributor of the building´s three levels, plus two north-south/east-west diagonals on which rests the final layout of each and every one of the interior pieces of the building. The building is distributed over three storeys in the following fashion: it is accessed from the courtyard, with a reception and distribution space in the manner of an atrium on a double height, lit up via its corners, ground floor with the more generic uses such as classrooms and assembly hall, first floor dedicated fundamentally to administration and a second floor housing the offices of the chairman, secretary and boardroom. The top floor is recessed to make it possible to protect the light in the corners. Particularly outstanding, therefore, is the way it makes the most of the spaces and the light..."to find out more...
images & passage from Archdaily



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