Wednesday, June 9, 2010

"Five winners have been announced in Guggenheim's open call for submissions to reimagine the museum's rotunda. This public event followed the highly publicized invitational and exhibition hosted by the NYC museum from February to April of this year.
Contemplating the Void curators Nancy Spector, Deputy Director and Chief Curator, and David Van Der Leer, Assistant Curator for Architecture and Design, have selected the following five winning submissions...
The Buried Void, a stream of sand falls continuously from the oculus at the top of the Guggenheim into the museum and collects on the rotunda floor. For fifty years the sand will gradually fill the void, stopping on October 21, 2059 (the 100th anniversary of the Guggenheim) when it will have filled the space completely. Until then, guests in the building will be encouraged to experience and actively participate in this measure of time: as the physical objects in their lives become obsolete, visitors are encouraged to place them into museum-provided capsules and throw them into the sand..." to find out more...
images & passages from Bustler



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