Friday, January 29, 2010

"WORK Architecture Company, in collaboration with Zhubo Architecture Studio, ARUP and Balmori Associates has won the international invited competition to redesign a 1-kilometer section of Hua Qiang Bei Road. This project offers Shenzhen a solution to Hua Qiang Bei Road’s traffic congestion while creating a series of new contemporary public spaces for the city. The proposal consists of five above-ground mixed-use public facilities, a new streetscape and traffic design and an underground boulevard connecting four new metro lines to the street and neighboring buildings.
Hua Qiang Bei Road has emerged naturally from an industrial district to become Shenzhen’s premier shopping and electronics Street. This success has unfortunately also created traffic problems, for cars and buses as well as congestion for pedestrians. In addition, HQB finds itself today in need of a new contemporary expression to reflect its destination status, without overwhelming its existing character..."
image & passage from Bustler



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