Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Iluma, WOHA

CRYSTAL MESH from autokolor on Vimeo.'

“Iluma, located in the Bugis district, a designated entertainment district in Singapore, is an entertainment complex designed to appeal to a broad spectrum of society, both local and foreign, by gathering diverse state-of-the-art entertainment activities within a memorable urban object.
This large urban object will invigorate the city with an interactive media façade composed of faceted jewel-like fixtures that glitter in the day and glow in the night. The façade is stacked as undulating strips that overlap and recede to create gardens and terraces overhanging the street. The media façade will be a canvas for media artists to display their works, enabling creatives and even the public to make city-scaled interventions in light and sound.
The design contrasts a rectilinear mass against a curved one. The rectilinear rear block accommodates large, regular components like car park, retail anchor tenants, cinema and performance spaces, while the curved front block accommodates smaller retail and entertainment activities along curvilinear paths for a stimulating shopping and entertainment experience..."
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