Saturday, August 22, 2009

"As construction continues on the six-building City of Culture of Galicia, the first completed building, the Galician National Archive, opened to employees this spring. The Archive is the southernmost building in the complex and, at 86,000 square feet, one of the smallest. Its undulating form – and that of all of the buildings – evolved from the layering of three sets of information on the hilltop site. First, the plan of the medieval center of Santiago de Compostela, a historic, religious pilgrimage city, was placed on the site. Second, a Cartesian grid representative of the modern city was laid over the medieval routes. Third, the topography of the hilltop was allowed to distort the flat geometries, thus producing a topological surface that posed old and new in a simultaneous matrix of figure and ground..."
passage and images from archinect



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