Friday, August 28, 2009

"The figure of Daniel Burnham has been very important for the city of Chicago as we currently know it, as he was one of the authors of the Plan of Chicago, also known as the Burnham Plan, which reshaped Chicago’s central area starting in 1909. To celebrate the centennial of this plan several events have been held during this year, such as the Union Station 2020 competition and the Burnham Memorial competition. Also, two pavilions by UN Studio and Zaha Hadid have been temporally installed at the Millenium Park (read our previous article about this), hosting multimedia exhibits on the future of Chicago. The pavilions will be opened to the public until Oct 31st, 2009.
Zaha Hadid Architects´s pavilion merges new formal concepts with the memory of Burnham’s bold, historic urban planning. Superimpositions of spatial structures with hidden traces of Burnham’s Plan are overlaid and inscribed within the structure to create a dynamic form..."
images & passage from archidaily



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