Sunday, June 7, 2009

"...Urban Re:Vision announced the winners of its international design competition, Re:Vision Dallas, which drew hundreds of entries from the world’s top architecture firms and city planners in 26 countries. The self-sustaining inner-city block will run “off the grid” using advanced technologies to capture wind, solar, water and geothermal resources. Meant to contribute to an array of revitalization programs in Dallas, the block will generate resources, and support and empower the community, all while acting as a working model of sustainability for cities around the world..."

The 3 winning schemes are as follows:

1. Forwarding Dallas, chosen for European-style massing, vegetated screens, innovation
"Forwarding Dallas is modeled after one of the most diverse system in nature, the hillside. This site is a series of valleys and hilltops that contain native vegetation to Dallas and become more hearty and resistant with altitude. The hills function to maximize the harvest of solar thermal, photovoltaic, and wind energy. This design intends to efficiently and effectively collect resources for residential and commercial consumption..."

2. Entangled Bank, chosen for striking full-block massing, arrangement of sustainable systems

"The Entangled Bank is a mixed use development combines residence and retail, making each sustainable through the integration of education and green technology. On top of the Entangled Bank is a green roof with vegetation and a sky pasture to sustain ‘Dexter’ livestock that require less dietary consumption and can thrive on pastures where other cattle would starve. The sky pasture is also available for each tenant in the community to grown produce for their own consumption or resale in the market. The power utility system outfitted with vertical axis wind turbine that produces 50% more electricity than conventional turbines..."

3. Greenways Xero Energy, chosen for creating sense of community, bold greenway plans"By nature of its concept, Greenways Xero Energy allows for easy integration of surrounding areas into the block, each ‘district’ having a unique identity; one might be the arts district while another is the historic or design district. Elements of this unique platform include public orchards, community gardens, private planter boxes, food stalls and locally supplied restaurants, all designed to appeal to the surrounding Dallas community and connect this block with surrounding neighborhoods..."

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Nadine @ BDG said...

I would love to see the top one built--esp. in Texas.


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