Thursday, June 11, 2009

Cool and elegant design! Clever concept in expressing the texture of material and color.

"In this fuzzy territory, only one federating element can be pointed out: the 100 % inorganic ground of the site - a mix of asphalt and concrete.
So, we reduced the site to its primary function: a bus park, a vast monolithic slab, uniform mineral territory..."

"The existing concrete crust that covers the evolution area of the buses is distorted, modeled to cover the administrative center. The building starts with the deformation of the ground and continues it with an apparently similar material, a sheet of ultra high performance concrete, paradoxical and superlative, 3 cm thick displaying a non slippery texture of dots in relief like a game of “LEGO” (24 mm diameter x 7 mm high, distant of 12 mm) contributing to a kinetic morphing which responds to very sophisticated demands : informality of the structure, constant evolution of the plans, density, homogeneity, dematerialization, precision, durability towards emphasized constraints..."
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Nadine @ BDG said...

wow-- the use of color is really elegant. The exterior is great, but I can only imagine the interior to be even better.

lsw said...

yah...the colors to match with the textured grey surface really elegant.
i more impressed by the exterior concept...


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