Saturday, May 2, 2009

"Our friends at LA and Athens based design collaborative Drifting City are proud to announce that Dreamgrove, its web page and interactive garden project, has been nominated for Best NetArt Site in the 13th Annual Webby Awards.

At you are invited to write your dreams—what you saw in your sleep—and plant them in a public, virtual field. There you can read others’ dreams. At the interactive garden dream texts become a soundscape: you can hear them through the trees. A beta-version of the garden was constructed and exhibited at the Athens Byzantine Museum main courtyard in November 2008, as part of the “Unbuilt: international architecture research events programme.” Dreamgrove was designed and produced by Petros Babasikas, Chrissou Voulgari and Farzad Moré, of Drifting City, a design collaborative based in Athens and Los Angeles, producing Architecture, Media, and Public Space..." to find out more...
passage from Bustler
image from Dreamgrove


sudarshan bengani said...

hi there actually i am also trying to build a site on dreams rather a place where people will be able to put up their dreemsunder

but your site is just mindblowing awesome great dude


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