Monday, May 25, 2009

Marvelous modular design that blends in the cutting edge technology and forms great architectural form and surface.
"The Japanese architect Toyo Ito planned the ultra-modern stadium in accordance with the ecological requirements of a "Green Building". 8,844 solar panels on a surface area of 14,155m2 are integrated into the roof construction of the sports facility. The unique solar roof, which emulates the form of a flowing river, can, depending on the strength of the sunshine, cover 75% of the energy needs of the stadium which can hold 55,000 spectators. On days when no competitions are taking place, the electricity generated is fed into the grid. The new stadium is the main venue for the competitions of the World Games 2009. International athletes from more than 90 nations will be competing against each other next June under the impressive roof construction that is simultaneously a solar power station..." to find out more...
images from deputy dog



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