Monday, May 18, 2009

How do you find this compare to the Yas Hotel Abu Dhabi?

"The Esplanade, a centre for the performing arts, is located in the heart of the civic and
cultural district of Singapore by the Marina Bay waterfront. Completed in the July 2002,
it ranks among the largest performing arts facilities in the world.
The design of the Esplanade is contemporary yet Asian without resorting to ethnic icons.
It reconciles the inherent size and forms of the large theatres with an architectural idiom
that is specific to the local climate and cultural context..."
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Nadine @ BDG said...

That second shot is awesome-- I love the light and the texture.

lsw said...

Ic. This building has became Icon of Singapore now. I been inside once for theater. Yah, the space is quite awesome :)

Newbie Mommy said...

Oh my sweet Lord. That is so darned pretty. :D


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