Thursday, April 23, 2009

Kengo Kuma always one of my favourite architect. I was impressed by Vladimir Belogolovsky talks with Kengo Kuma. Among other things Kuma discusses his desire to create "weak" buildings.
"...Quest against gravity is all architects’ old theme. Many contemporary masters try hard to cheat the eye. They beef up their structures, exaggerate projecting cantilevers, and reduce the number of supports. Kuma’s buildings stand firmly on the ground. His idea of fighting gravity is based on material perception. The architect’s buildings do not appear to be solid. Instead, they visually disintegrate into particles producing mesmerizing effects. “My aim is not to create particle-like works of architecture. I want to create a condition that is as vague and ambiguous as drifting particles. The closest thing to such a condition is a rainbow,” says the architect..."

"...Weak relates to the idea of breaking materials into particles. The concrete building is very strong – too strong for the human body. I think that the human body is very week and fragile. So people can’t feel comfortable in strong places. But if the building itself is as weak as a human body, we feel comfortable..."
"...The word ma in Japanese means space or sense of place, and it is as important for reading architecture as buildings that relate to it. In all of my works the void is very important. It connects and organizes various elements. In my design for the Museum of Ando Hiroshige it is the void that connects the city with the mountain behind the museum building..." to find out more...
passage and images from Archinect



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