Monday, April 13, 2009

An interesting 3-day workshop by MAD! Together with the 11 young famous architects, the mission was to create an experimental urban vision for Huaxi. Each proposal provided a unique design for a single part of the masterplan, based on their own understanding and interpretation of the local natural and cultural elements.

"...The result is a series of organic individual buildings, growing from the natural environment, and working together to produce a compound of diverse urban activities The site of Huaxi is famous for its dramatic and beautiful landscape, as well as a diverse mix of minority cultural inhabitants during its history. Its future is defined by the local government's urban planning as a new urban centre for finance, cultural activities and tourism. ... In this high density urban environment, the limits of urbanization are controlled and set by nature; the buildings take on the dynamic topography of the site, touching the landscape in a more interactive way. Generic verticality is replaced by a complex taxonomy of urban activities, defined by a multiplicity of connections, detours and short cuts. The natural and the artificial are fused together, revealing an image of a future architecture..." to find out more...
Of course, the participating architects were: Atelier Manferdini (USA), BIG (DENMARK), Dieguez Fridman (ARGENTINA), EMERGENT/Tom Wiscombe (USA), HouLiang Architecture (CHINA), JDS (DENMARK/BELGIUM), MAD (CHINA), Mass Studies (KOREA), Rojkind Arquitectos (MEXICO), Serie (UK/INDIA), Sou Fujimoto Architects (JAPAN).
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