Thursday, March 5, 2009

Urban bathing: new type facilities with new urban social interaction, sense of place, faster and easier pool construction, closer to the nature...i think it is cool and going to be the new urban form for the water edge.
1. Kastrup Sea Bath / White arkitekter AB
"Reaching out into the Øresund from Kastrup Strandpark in Kastrup, Kastrup Sea Bath forms a living and integral part of the new sea front...A wooden pier leads the visitor round to a circular construction, gradually elevating above the sea surface, and ending in a 5m diving platform. The building material is Azobé wood, chosen for it’s durability in sea water...The Bath is conceived as a sculptural dynamic form, which can be seen from the beach, the sea and the air. It’s silhouette gradually changes as the beholder moves around it..." to find out more...

2.Copenhagen Harbour Bath / PLOT
"People go to the Harbour Bath in the way that people go to the beach rather than the indoor swimming baths. Not necessarily to exercise, but primarily to socialize, play and enjoy the sun. ...With an indoor swimming bath you have some land and have to design the pools. With the harbour, we have some water and have to design the land; a swimming bath in reverse. Since land is a factor we have influence on as architects, it is in the interface between the two that we can create desirable conditions. In a way, reinterpreting the water that is there by adding land..." to find out more...
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