Monday, February 9, 2009

soft shop

Just bumped into 20+10+X Architecture Awards 4th Cycle for recent citation projects and saw this quite interesting:

"Soft Shop is the experiment of the mesh tessellation technologies and the CNC machine capability to create unique shop atmosphere. The smoothing algorithm is applied onto the tessellated surface which is divided to the manageable dimensions. These panels are generated in three dimensional program such as Rhino 3D. The modeling software provides opportunities for these specific panels to translate into CNC machine. The machine can generate these panels without any incorrect dimensions or miss calculations. It needs to only follow the order to finish this shop space when those panels are installed. The smoothing algorithm also creates these interesting inside-out topological conditions and provides opportunities to be functioned as display area in the shop space. The softly waved surface covers entire shop space and creates dynamic, fluid and comfortable new shopping atmosphere." to find out more...



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