Thursday, January 1, 2009

Catch up below interesting design competitions before the deadlines!

1. Metropolis Next Generation Design Competition 2009

"Redesign the broken models of the 20th century. Challenge our patterns of living and working in a fuel-hungry world…come up with solutions that connect us, make us more efficient, more humane." to find out more...

2. eVolo - Skyscraper For The XXI Century
"..... the future of the skyscrapper. What is the skyscraper in the beginning of the XXI Century? What is the historical and social context of these mega-structure? What is their response to the urban fabric? Is the modern skyscrapper a city in and of itself? Is the human scale lost?..." to find out more...
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3. On Farming: [bracket]

".....the theme of farming. Once merely understood in terms of agriculture, today information, energy, labour, and landscape, among others, can be farmed. Farming harnesses the efficiency of collectivity and community. Whether cultivating land, harvesting resources, extracting energy or delegating labor, farming reveals the interdependencies of our globalized world...... Farming, beyond its most common agricultural understanding is the modification of infrastructure, urbanisms, architectures, and landscapes toward a privileging of production." to find out more...

4. 2009 Young Architects Forum - Foresight

"Foresight is a type of cultivated ability that relies on surveying, researching, and engaging the present towards particular, desired outcomes in the future. Our contemporary capacity to tap quickly into architectural successes and failures and make new tests, cataloguing our lessons, makes for a crucial disciplinary foresight of self-assessment and projection. " to find out more...

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5. World Space Creators Awards 2009

"WSCA is looking for ideas for new shop styles, new spaces for objects and people to come together. Your winning design will be built as an actual shop." to find out more...

Image by Sergio Calatroni Artroom/Ayako



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