Wednesday, January 14, 2009

56 Leonard

56 Leonardo would be another stunning high-rise project of 2008 besides the Dubai Rotating Tower. If the Dubai Rotating Tower is so-called dynamic arhictecture, then I would call this 56 Leonardo as "artistic architecture". Really like the part where the architect, Herzog & de Meuron integrate the art work of the scultor, Anish Kapoor to form this overall master piece.
"The latest skyscraper proposal for Manhattan looks as if it may achieve something impossible, perhaps evenabsurd: the synthesis of a number of entirely contradictoryarchitectures...A solid, geometric base knits it tightly into the urban fabric ofthe city block, while a smoother shaft takes it up intoorbit and a crown begins to dematerialise and reduce its volume as it hits the sky. The surprise here, though, is thelack of a sheath, the smooth envelope, whether boxy orrocket-like, within which skyscrapers are usuallycontained. Here the architects have stacked a series ofirregular boxes, 145 separate and unique apartments –each a response to what is going on inside – and formedand jiggled them into an extraordinary tower...If the effect on the skyline is startlingly dematerialised, its presence at street level is made manifestly materialby the inclusion of a huge sculpture...a strange, super-shiny blob that appears to be being squeezed out from under the skyscraper..."
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